Co-Founder and Executive Director Finartel Capital AIFLNP V.C.I.C. LTD.

Alexey graduated from the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of Moscow State University. He is bilingual, and is an admirer and developer of artificial intelligence systems.

In the 2000s Alexey managed an IT company that wrote transport software for French counterparties. After that, he had many years of experience working in a “three-party” market infrastructure (exchange, broker and algorithm trading) at RTS, Nettrader, Finam, and IT-Invest.

Alexey is a co-creator of the RTS Standard market: Russia's first market with a central counterparty and partial execution (T+), and the world's first repo market in an order book with a central counterparty.

He is an active trader and programmer, and has created many trading algorithms.


Co-Founder and Executive Director Finartel Capital AIFLNP V.C.I.C. LTD.

Vladimir graduated from Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod (Faculty of Radiophysics), and undertook a one-year internship at Ludwig-Maximilian University (Munich) as part of the International Master's Program in Mathematics.

He has a PhD in physics and mathematics and is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional.

Vladimir has extensive experience as a project manager and developer in various data mining applications, including decision support systems for the oil and gas industry, scoring models for financial institutions, and development of various algorithmic trading strategies.