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Letter of Notification of change
Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission License
Certificate of Directors
Certificate of Incorporation
Certificate of Change of Name
Good Standing Certificate
Personal data protection policy
GDPR Privacy Notice
Business Continuity Planning Disclosure
Bank details
Audited financial statements

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Finartel Capital AIFLNP V.C.I.C. LTD was incorporated under the Companies Law, Cap.113 on the 06th March 2018 with registration number ΗΕ 380874 and was authorized by CySEC to operate as an AIF with Limited Number of Persons in the form of a private company limited by shares as an Open-Ended Investment Company of Variable Capital with more than one Compartments pursuant to the provisions of the Alternative Investment Funds Law 131(I)/2014 which has now been repealed, and as such, the Company’s authorisation as an AIF with Limited Number of Persons is now governed by Part VII of the AIF Law and/or in any other law which replaces or amends it.